Softball Federation of Kenya: TUM Series to Kick Off on Saturday 18th March

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The Softball Federation of Kenya (SFK) is set to host a thrilling two-day softball competition from Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th March at the Technical University of Mombasa. This follows the recently completed Meru University series a month ago, which saw Infernos emerge victorious in the men’s category after coming out undefeated, while Nairobi Wreckers emerged victorious in the ladies’ category.

This upcoming series promises to be even more exciting, with five men’s teams and four ladies’ teams set to participate in the competition. In the men’s category, the participating teams include MMU, Infernos, KU, TUM, and Wreckers.

The fixtures for Saturday’s games have been announced, and it is expected to be a full day of action-packed softball. The first game of the day will be between Wreckers and KU, followed by TUM vs. Infernos, MMU vs. Infernos, Wreckers vs. TUM, Wreckers vs. MMU, KU vs. TUM, Wreckers vs. Infernos, and finally, KU vs. MMU.

On Sunday, the men’s games will kick off with TUM vs. MMU, followed by Infernos vs. KU. In the ladies’ category, KU, MMU, Wreckers, and Infernos will battle it out for the top spot. Wreckers, who emerged victorious in the Meru series, will start the competition with a tight fixture against MMU from 9:00 am.

The SFK series is set to be an exciting event for softball enthusiasts and fans alike, with the best teams in the country competing for the top spot. The Technical University of Mombasa is an ideal location for the event, with state-of-the-art facilities and ample space to accommodate all the teams and spectators.

For the participants, the competition will offer an opportunity to showcase their talent, compete at the highest level, and possibly earn a spot on the national team. For the fans, it will be an opportunity to witness some top-quality softball, learn more about the sport, and enjoy a fun-filled weekend with friends and family.

TUM series is set to be an exciting event, and we can’t wait to see who will emerge victorious in both the men’s and ladies’ categories. If you’re a softball enthusiast or just looking for a fun weekend activity, be sure to head down to the Technical University of Mombasa and cheer on your favorite team

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